Pumper (Custom)

Premier Options for Specific-Purpose or Multi-Purpose Fire Fighting

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Whether your need is for a conventional pumper or a specially designed rescue configuration with flexible customization, our line of Pumpers are engineered around equipment needs and to perform to the high standards required by the fire industry and NFPA. Built for strength and endurance, our pumpers feature stainless steel body construction (Polyprene or aluminum are options), and pumps from all the major manufacturers, offering a wide range of capacities, single or two-stage pumps, foam and CAFS delivery systems.

MATRIX Body Options

  • Hydraulic reel sytems
  • Generators: hydraulic, diesel and gas
  • Scene lights: 12V, 120V, 240V
  • Light towers
  • Backboard and stokes storage
  • Monitors, portable, remote
  • Portable winch
  • Hydraulic ladder racks
  • Hydraulic tank racks
  • Portable tanks
  • Foam cells: 20 – 250 gallons
  • Foam systems: eductor, injection and CAFS

Quick Dumps

  • Manual, electric or air valves
  • Manual or electric chute extension
  • Swivel dump-chute option for rear
  • Control choices: sides, rear, cab

Aluminum Treadplate Hosebed Cover Option

  • Underside backboard storage
  • Underside work lights
  • Grab rails or grab handle options

Water Tanks

  • Poly or Polyprene construction
  • Lifetime warranties
  • T-shaped or rectangular
  • L-shaped for low hosebed access
  • 500-1250 gallon for Pumpers
  • 1500-3000 gallon for Pumper-Tankers

MATRIX Compartment Treatments to Maximize Space Utilization

  • Partitions
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Roll-out trays
  • Roll-out drop-down trays
  • Pegboard
  • PacTrac
  • Slide-out tool boards
  • Rooftop and underbody compartments
  • Toolboxes

Compartment Protection

  • Stainless steel sill protectors
  • Hinged door inner liner options
  • Roll-up door roll protectors
  • Aluminum, stainless or poly rub rails

Compartment Floor Protection

  • Dri-deck
  • Turtle tile
  • Slatted aluminum

Tank fills

  • 2.5", 3", or 4"
  • Side or rear mounted
  • Ball valve or automatic

Benefits abound with a Seagrave pump house

  • Pump packaging designed to allow service to major components
  • Pump house is available in all 3CR12 stainless steel or Aluminum construction
  • Durable exterior panels: brushed stainless, or Line-X® coating options
  • Highly visible and clean colored placard designs to eliminate error and improve engineer safety
  • Low crosslay heights reduce crew injury and fatigue
  • Pull-out speedlay tray designs make re-packs easier, faster
  • Floating module design eliminates chassis stress transfer and provides long-term structural integrity
  • Seagrave hand controls provide a firm comfortable grip
  • Dry, flutter-proof gauges with five-year warranty
  • All stainless steel pipe with 10-year warranty utilizes belled-end joint design for added plumbing strength and longevity