Cab and Chassis

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  • Access to air filter, engine and transmission fluids, coolant reservoir, DEF, and batteries without the need to tilt the cab for routine, in-station, preventive maintenance.
  • Dedicated access door panels allow quick and easy adjustment of door latches.
  • AC gravity drain simplifies maintenance without reducing the cooling system efficiency.
  • Shock brackets single side fasteners allow for a single person install and removal.


  • A lower-to-the-ground cab floor allows for access with only two steps.
  • Higher flat roof cab ceiling clearance of 59".
  • Same width top to bottom, wider crew cab doors allow for easy entry and exit of fully suited crew members.
  • Crew area flat floor eliminates tripping hazards and allows for easier entry and exit of the rear of the cab.


  • Higher position of the air intake reduces risk when crossing standing water.
  • Lower center of gravity provides for easier handling of turns at high speed.
  • A 20% more powerful front defrost with six enhanced air diffusers clears windshield and side window condensation much quicker.
  • Available cab side doors allow for quick access to internal storage space from outside the cab.
  • Improved visibility for Driver and Officer provided by higher seating positions coupled with lower profile dash.
  • Additional power distribution area dedicated to the crew cab area.
  • Writing/map desk available on the dash for improved officer work space area.
  • Recessed grab handles provide easier access in narrower truck fit conditions.


  • The independent, dual zone AC system with double condensing capacity provides more cooling for the front and rear areas of the cab.
  • Improved air ducting and diffuser system delivers precise air flow control throughout the cab.
  • Improved seat positons in front and crew cab areas offer additional leg room, hip room, and workspace.
  • Recessed seat belt retractors improve crew area space and reduce interference with crew cab features and personnel.

The Capitol offers SUPERIOR CUSTOMER VALUE for customers looking for a heavier duty, easier to maintain, easier to access cab, easier to operate, and more comfortable fire apparatus.


  • The Capitol is engineered and built to provide maximum safety, longevity and durability. FIREFIGHTERS PROTECT COMMUNITIES - SEAGRAVE PROTECTS FIREFIGHTERS.
  • The Capitol, like all Seagrave cabs, is inclusive of a rigid stainless steel sub-assembly safety structure that surrounds occupants.