A Variety of Choices

  • 100' 250 lb. tip load without telescoping waterway / Two (2) A-Frame stabilizers
  • 100' 250 lb. tip load HR with telescoping waterway / Two (2) H-Frame (straight out) stabilizers
  • 100' 500 lb. tip load with or without telescoping waterway / Two (2) H-Frame (angled forward) stabilizers
  • Strong steel ladder construction, proven in the toughest environments in North America

Tractor Drawn Aerial Ladder Features

  • Sheave blocks are designed with Teflon integrated into them for smooth operation
  • Wear strips are easily accessible without removing the ladder from the truck
  • Removable tip section foreasy replacement and repairing 
  • All ladders fabricated at and by Seagrave
  • Wider rungways for easer climbing 
  • Nested I-beam ladder design 
  • Lower and narrower profile

Industry Leading Tiller Cab

  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Additional tiller cab access via street-side ladder
  • Optional operator dashboard switches available
  • Greater field of view with optional bubble windows
  • SAE J2422 Tillwe cab integrity, compliant

Ease, Speed, and Expanded Capabilities of Operations

  • Aerial extends from 5 degrees below grade to 80 degrees above grade
  • modular build allows for multiple truck configurations 
  • optimal storage for numerous ground ladders
  • Availiable with A-frame and H-frame outriggers