A Variety of Choices

  • 100' 250lb tip load with Two (2) H-Frame Outriggers
  • 100' 500lb tip-load with Two (2) A-Frame and two (2) H-Frame Outriggers (Front H-Frame Outriggers optional)
  • Available Quint or non-quint configurations
  • Strong steel ladder construction, proven in the toughest environments in North America


  • Generous turntable foot-room, and even more available with the optional extension

Stability — It’s in the Footprint

  • Full extension down to 5degrees below grade, all the way to 80degrees above grade

Work with Confidence

250lb Tip-load ladder

  • 250lbs at the tip and flowing 1000 GPM above 45degrees angle
  • One person at the tip or flowing 1000 GPM at 45degrees or below angle

500lb Tip-load ladder

  • 500lbs at the tip while flowing 1000 GPM at any extension, any angle