Force® Aerial Ladder Features

  • Sheave blocks are designed with Teflon impregnated into them for smooth operation
  • Wear strips are easily accessible without removing the ladder from the truck
  • Optional removable tip section for easy repairs and replacement 
  • Aerial devices are custom made for easy repairs and replacement 
  • Aerial devices are custom made by Seagrave, not outsourced 
  • Wider rungways for easier climbing
  • All steel Aerial ladder with I-beam construction 
  • Lower and narrower profile 
  • Storefront reduced top length option available

Ease, Speed, and Expaded Capabilities of Operations

  • Aeral extends from 5 degrees below grade to 80 degrees above grade
  • Water tanks of 300 or 500 gallons available on quint models 
  • Foward A-frame outriggers and rear H-jack outriggers for maximum stability and narrow front footprint
  • Standard overall height of 136"-138"
  • Maximum horizontal reach of 91' 
  • Wheelbases starting at 299.5"

500 LB. Tip Load

The Seagrave Force® features an aerial tip load capacity of 500 pounds  when flowing up to 1,000 gallons of water per minute. Allowing multi-angle vantage points and extension lengh.

Seagrave Aerials

Seagrave aerials are known for being tough, dependable, and highly maneuverable. Seagrave aerials feature controls at your fingertips and independent ouriggers controls. Turntables feature generous foot room and guard rails for optimum comfort and safey.