FASTrack Series Pumper



  • 8.9L Cummins L9, 450 hp, 1250 ft. lb. Engine
  • Allison Automatic 3000-EVS Transmission
  • Front Axle: 20,000 lb.
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Rear Axle: 24,000 lb. with spring suspension
  • Rear Disc Brakes


  • Flat or 10" Raised Roof
  • Power Windows
  • Seating Capacity 4-6 Persons


  • Waterous 1500 or 2000 GPM Pump, Single Stage
  • 750 Gallon L-Type Water Tank


  • 1.5" Front Bumper, Push-Pull Valve
  • (2) 1.5" Crosslays, Push-Pull Valve
  • 2.5" LH Side, Push-Pull Valve
  • 2.5" RH Side, Push-Pull Valve
  • 4" LDH, RH Side, Manual Handwheel
  • 2.5" RH Rear, Push-Pull Valve
  • 2.5" LH Rear, Push-Pull valve
  • 3" Deck Gun Discharge, Handwheel Control


  • Pumper Body Length - 146"
  • Body Roll-Up Doors - Satin Finish
  • Traditional side-mounted Ladders
  • Vinyl Hose Bed Cover


  • LED DOT-compliant Lighting
  • Whelen LED Warning Light Package
  • Whelen LED Lightbar & Rear Beacons
  • FRC Spectra LED Cab Brow Scene Light
  • (2) FRC Spectra 900 LED Cab Side Scene Lights
  • FRC Spectra 900 LED Rear Scene Light



FTS Pumpers feature Seagrave's renowned stainless steel tubular cage cab construction - the best protection in the industry for firefighters.


  • Additional Seating and Cab Compartments
  • Cab Interior Tool Mounting Options
  • Foam Pro Foam System and Foam Tank
  • Body Shelf, Tray, and Mounting Options
  • Aluminum Treadplate Hosebed Covers
  • Hard Suction Hose Storage
  • Interior Ladder Storage
  • Ladder Rack Storage
  • Telescoping 12V FRC Spectra Scene Lights
  • Generator, Cord Reel, 120V FRC Spectra Scene Lights
  • Customer Paint Color 




FASTrack Series Apparatus Program Terms & Conditions


1.  Advertised Price is FOB Clintonville, WI.

2.  Delivery of the apparatus to the fire department, must be added to the advertised price of the vehicle, unless customer chooses to drive vehicle away (See Item 10)

3.  FASTrack Series Pumpers will be delivered in six (6) months or less.

4.  FASTrack Series Apparatus, require the use of a Seagrave Standard Sales Contract.

5.  Pre-Engineered FASTrack Series Apparatus shall be ordered without a pre-construction conference.

6.  Pre-Engineered FASTrack Series Apparatus shall be delivered without a final inspection at the Seagrave Factory in Clintonville, WI, any inspection shall take place at the customer or manufacturer representative facility.

7.  The apparatus may be painted to match the customers’ existing apparatus, delivery will then be six (6) months from date of contract signing.

8.  The Apparatus will be provided with reflective Scotchlite striping and rear chevron to meet current NFPA requirements.

9.  The advertised price does not include department specific lettering and numbering.  

10.  Changes within the Pre-Engineered FASTrack Series Apparatus Program may be allowed with an increase to the advertised price and possible delay in delivery.
1.  If the purchaser elects to drive the apparatus from the factory, Payment in Full, proof of insurance, and acceptance of apparatus must be made prior to departure.


FWD Seagrave 5 Year Parts Support Package Program Terms and Conditions

For a FASTrack Series Pumper (“FTS Pumper”) sold under this program, FWD Seagrave LLC. (“Seagrave”) will provide a $1,500 annual allowance to cover the cost of parts above and beyond warranty coverage for 5 years from the date of acceptance as determined by the date on the signed Seagrave Acceptance Form for the truck by the original owner (“Acceptance Date”)

The allowance will be issued in the form of a Factory Parts Credit (“Credit”) on the customer’s account.

The first $1,500 Credit will be issued on the Acceptance Date. Each subsequent Credit will be issued on the Yearly Anniversary (“Anniversary”) of the Acceptance Date; with the final Credit being issued on the fourth (4th) Anniversary of the Acceptance Date.

Any remaining balance at the end of each anniversary year can be rolled over to the following year; however, the entire balance must be used by the fifth (5th) Anniversary of the Acceptance Date or the entire balance will be forfeited.

The parts credit may only be used towards original equipment parts for the purchased FASTrack Series Pumper to which the package was applied.

The parts credit can only be used for parts purchased from Seagrave through a Seagrave Dealer, Seagrave Authorized Parts & Service Representative, or Seagrave Factory direct.

This program terminates upon the transfer of ownership or possession of the FTS Pumper from the original owner and any remaining balance will be forfeited.