Factory-Certified Reconditioned Patriot Aerial Ladder Assembly (Stock #37447), 100 ft. 250 lb. Rated

Call Seagrave Sales at 715-823-1975 for more informaton.

Asking Price: $182,000 with an exchange for a less than 25-year old Patriot Ladder or $200,000 without exchange.

Base: Overall length in nested position = 377 inches long.

Base End Width: 35-1/4" (outside to outside where pins to turntable)

Low Maintenance Ladder Design:

  • Replacable Wear Strips Without Removing Ladder from Truck
  • Teflon-Impregnated Sheave Blcks for Smooth Operation

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This ladder has been completely refurbisned at the factory, to include:

  • New Base Section
  • New Cables, Sheaves and Pins
  • New Center Luminscent Fiberglass Rung Covers, Outer Rubber Rung Covers
  • New Extend and Retract Cylinders and Hardware
  • New Removable Wear Pads and Hardware
  • Pike Pole Mount
  • Ground Ladder Mount
  • Axe Mount
  • Fold-Down Steps at Tip

Additional Equipment on the Ladder:

  • Removable/Replacable Orange Tip
  • Haolgen Tool Holder
  • Two Spotlights at Base Section
  • Lighted Inclinometer
  • Rung Alignment Indicator
  • The ladder is internally undercoated and painted wtih PPG silver-blue metallic with a fluorescent tip.

Nested I-Beam Ladder Design:

  • Overlapped Bearing Surfaces Nest Together
  • Creates Wider Run Ways for Easier Climbing
  • Provides a Lower and Narrower Profile