Pasadena Fire Department Displays First All-Female Crew in Front of Seagrave Capitol Pumper

For the first time in a 133 years of operation, the Pasadena Fire Department (PFD) have staffed an all-female crew for one of the department's shifts.

The crew is based out of Fire Station 34 in Pasadena, California and is led by Captain Tricia Rodriguez, a 28 year veteran and the first to attain fire captain as a female in the department history. Along with Captain Rodriguez were Engineer Christina Terrazas, Firefighter-Paramedic Nicole Olsen, and Firefighter Tawnie Johnson.

The all-female firefighter crew is standing proudly next to our Seagrave Capitol 4x2 Pumper consisting of a 1750 GPM Pump and running on a Cummins X12 Engine.