HAAS Digital Collision Avoidance Technology Available On Seagrave Chassis

Seagrave is excited to announce that the HAAS digital collision avoidance technology is available on all Seagrave Chassis. Safety of firefighters along with public safety has always been a top priority for Seagrave Fire Apparatus. Each year emergency service personnel and apparatus are struck on highways while responding and operating at a scene of an incident. Seagrave has taken the steps to provide additional protection for both our Emergency Service Personnel and the public by providing the HAAS technology.

The HAAS digital collision avoidance technology provides a digital real-time alert to motorists in advance of an emergency scene. In addition to motorists, the technology is also available to allow other responding apparatus to be aware of approaching emergency vehicles avoiding collisions.

Seagrave Fire Apparatus has retrofitted multiple apparatus with the HAAS technology already. The DCFD is currently installing each of their new Seagrave Apparatus in production with the HAAS technology.

For additional information, contact your local Seagrave representative or call 715-823-1975. Current in-service apparatus can be retrofitted with this technology.

Seagrave continues to ensure that safety is a priority in everything we do.