FWD Seagrave Offers Refurbishment and Rechassis

FWD Seagrave Offers Refurbishment and Rechassis

FWD Seagrave has been a leader in the fire industry for 135 years. Heavy-duty quality construction across all models is the main reason FWD Seagrave has become the most trusted name in custom fire apparatus for safety, longevity and durability.

FWD Seagrave has a high lifetime value with a low cost of ownership over the lifetime of the apparatus, considering the typical life span of a Seagrave is 20 years or more.

“Another way that apparatus life can be extended is by refurbishment or rechassis,” said Seagrave Chairman & CEO AJ Neiner.

FWD Seagrave offers electrical diagnosis, repair, refurbishment or rechassis as a fast, efficient and cost-effective alternative for departments without the budget for a new truck. A customer’s truck can be completely rebuilt, remounted, or a portion refurbished including complete disassembly, repair, rework, and reassembly.

FWD Seagrave features an expert paint shop, complete metal fabrication and machine shops, and most importantly a team of expert refurbishment technicians that can handle the most challenging rebuilds and upgrades. The Refurbishment department performs maintenance tasks as simple as brake service, fluids and filters, and small repairs or the most complex hydraulic, mechanical or electrical upgrades and rebuilds in any area of the truck.

“All repairs are guided by NFPA recommendations and are third party aerial and/or pump tested,” added Neiner. “Rechassis includes single and tandem rear-axle Aerialscopes.”

As a premier manufacturer of severe-duty chassis built for rough terrain and versatile applications for both on- and off-road environments, FWD Seagrave also has the capability to refurbish Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles for fire departments that respond to airports. Hayward Fire Department in California recently took delivery of their 1993 ARFF unit refurbished by FWD Seagrave.

“We can refurbish existing ARFF units or procure and refurbish, based on the customer’s need,” concluded Neiner.