FWD Seagrave Expands Student Internship Program

FWD Seagrave Expands Student Internship Program

Clintonville, Wis. (June 13, 2014) – FWD Seagrave employs high school students and college interns through youth apprenticeship and career placement programs. FWD Seagrave works with the Wolf River School-To-Work program to employ students from local high schools and with Career Placement Centers of Wisconsin universities, such as UW-Platteville, UW-Stout, and UW-Fox Valley, for college interns and co-op students, as well as employing students who apply directly to the Company for temporary work.

“These are mutually beneficial programs,” said Seagrave Chairman & CEO, AJ Neiner. “The student benefits by the training and wide variety of experience we provide and they benefit us by bringing fresh ideas and lots of energy.”

The students are mentored and work in Engineering, Facilities, Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales and other areas of the Company. “The Company is committed to hiring high school and college interns and has expanded its internship program as the Company continues to grow,” concluded Neiner. FWD Seagrave has increased its intern workforce more than 200% in 2014 and the plan is for further increase in 2015.

About FWD Seagrave

Seagrave, founded in 1881, is the oldest manufacturer of fire apparatus in the United States. In 1909, the founders of FWD Corporation built the first successful four-wheel drive car. Success in early military testing led to the development of four-wheel drive trucks and FWD’s reputation as a premier manufacturer of severe-duty chassis. Seagrave and FWD joined forces in 1963 to create a company with a longstanding tradition of excellence in providing fire trucks and heavy-duty vehicles to municipal governments and the U.S. Military. FWD Seagrave continues to grow with diversification while maintaining its rich tradition of engineering and manufacturing high quality apparatus.

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