Thank You FWD Seagrave!

Thank You FWD Seagrave!

Read the latest thanks and testimonials from departments around the country using Seagrave apparatus.

The following email was sent from John Dicola, Fire Chief, Neshannock TWSP VFC on October 13, 2012.

Gentlemen:  Since delivery of our apparatus it has seen little actual fire fighting duty as the incidents of working fires is not that high.  Early this morning we were dispatched to multiple mobile homes burning in our only mobile home park. My duty shift was working and I have two relatively new fire fighters assigned to my duty tour.  Last evening we completed installing the recently purchased additional hose bed divider and added 1050 feet of additional 2 1/2 attack line.  They  were all fairly tired after that work out and I commented they would get no rest during the night!  At 2:45 A.M. we were dispatched to the multiple mobile homes burning call and my newest operator was assigned to the new engine.

We advanced three 1 3/4 preconnects and 2 additional 2 1/2 attacklines.  The apparatus functioned like a Rolls Royce!  Not one flaw, not one thng out of beat.  I cannot express our appreciation for your dedication to building an outstanding piece of equipment.  Two mutual aid companies assisted and were quite impressed by the precision and quality of the product.  Keith--New Wilmington was one of them and i commented that they really need to look at Seagrave--I am doing my best to keep you in the spotlight! 

Thanks again for a good job!

Likewise, read the letter from John A. Benanti, Deputy Fire Commissioner, Fire Department New York in the wake of Hurricane Sandy this past fall.

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