Seagrave Builds New Indoor Tilt Table and Pump Test Facility

Seagrave Builds New Indoor Tilt Table and Pump Test Facility

Seagrave engineers the characteristics of each truck so the center of gravity maximizes stability and rollover prevention.

Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC, builds new indoor tilt table and an increased capacity pump test facility at their Clintonville, Wisconsin headquarters. The new state-of- the-art facility features an indoor tilt table designed and engineered for apparatus, from a pumper to tractor drawn aerial. The tilt table accommodates apparatus up to 82,000 pounds and 102 inches wide, located in a building 80 feet long. The apparatus can be tilted up to 30 degrees.

Seagrave’s tilt table provides the capabilities to test the apparatus rollover risk indoors with no risk of disruption due to rain, snow and wind. The new pump test facility provides Seagrave increased water storage and the capability to test up to four pumpers at one time. Non-quint aerial devices can now be tested without the aid of a pumper.

“The new heavy duty large capacity tilt table gives our customers the top choice option to maximize stability and rollover prevention of the Seagrave product,” said Seagrave Chairman & CEO A. Joseph Neiner. “The capacity of 82,000 pounds allows the testing of our 75’and 95’ Aerialscope product.

Seagrave was founded in 1881. Seagrave is the oldest, continuous manufacturer of fire apparatus in North America and has built a reputation for safety, durability and longevity.

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