Seagrave Introduces Intelex Plus

Seagrave Introduces Intelex Plus

Seagrave’s INTELEX™ PLUS is a custom-tailored system that replaces standard hardwire systems and far exceeds off-the-rack multiplex systems.

Features Include

  • Aerial system is redundant, so in the event of a failure, the vehicle remains operable (Patent Pending).
  • Provides different levels of access: Operator, Maintenance, Programming.
  • Reduces the need for miles of wire and the number of connection points.
  • Service and diagnostics are available via the internet or laptop.
  • Advanced interface systems and controls on the dash, pump panel or aerial controls.
  • Bussmann Vec Multiplex module offers the familiarity of a hardwired system.
  • Display screen in the cab identifies failed relay.
  • INTELEX™ PLUS is plug-and-play without the need to program settings. Programming is built in, preventing manual input of the wrong settings.
  • INTELEX™ PLUS modules are IP67 rated.
  • Drivetrain, Aerial device and Chassis are on separate data busses.

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