Asbury Park Fire Department of Asbury Park, New Jersey Purchases a New Seagrave Marauder Aerialscope

The Asbury Park Fire Department of Asbury Park, New Jersey has on order and in production a Marauder Aerialscope mid-mount platform. Seagrave would like to thank Asbury Park for their continued business and trust in Seagrave.

Some features of this Aerialscope unit are as follow:
➡️ Marauder 131" Stainless Steel Cab
➡️ Cummins X12 525 HP
➡️ 25" Cab Access Compartments
➡️ 18" Aerialscope Front Bumper
➡️ Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. Warning Light Package
➡️ Fire Research Corporation LED Scene Lights
➡️ Stokes Basket Compartment
➡️ Stainless Steel Hi-Lo Aerialscope Body
➡️ Platform Parapet Ladder Bracket
➡️ Platform Strokes Mount
➡️ 5,000 lb. Lifting Eye Base Boom
➡️ Akron Brass #3432 1,000 GPM Monitor
➡️ Rosco #STSK7165 Rear View Camera System
➡️ Wheelbase ONLY 237"

For additional information on this apparatus or other Seagrave products contact your local representative or call 715-823-1975.

SO: 56290
Dealer: Seagrave Sales and Service - New Jersey
Salesman: Wayne Lyons