Uniondale Fire Department Manor Hose Company 3 or Uniondale, NY Purchases a New Seagrave Marauder Top-Mount Pumper


The Uniondale Fire Department Manor Hose Company 3 of Uniondale, New York has in production a Seagrave Marauder top-mount pumper.  Seagrave thanks the Uniondale Fire Department  for their trust and business.


Some features of these new apparatus include:

▶️ Seagrave 141" Marauder Stainless Steel Cab

▶️ 10" Raised Roof

▶️ Cummins L9 450 HP

▶️ 25" Cab Access Compartments

▶️ 18" Front Bumper

▶️ Waterous CMU 1500 GPM Pump

▶️ Top-Mount Pump

▶️ Stainless Steel Pump Module and Plumbing

▶️ Rear Compartment Hannay Booster Reel 150' of 3/4"

▶️ 750 Gallon Water Tank

▶️ Stainless Steel 155" Pumper Body

▶️ Whelen LED Warning Light Package

▶️ Whelen LED Scene Lighting

▶️ FireTech HIVIZ Front Brow Light

▶️ Ziamatic Electric Ladder Rack

▶️ Rosco Rear Camera System

▶️ 217.50 Inch Wheelbase


For additional information on this apparatus or other Seagrave products, contact your local sales representative or call 715-823-1975.


SO 78L68

Dealer: Rescue Vehicles, Inc (RVI)

Salesman: Ray Dyrcz