Marauder Pumper Ordered by Bladensburg, Maryland

Congratulation to the Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department on the purchase of your new Seagrave Marauder pumper! Thank you for your trust in Seagrave and we look forward to working with you.
Some features of this apparatus include:
* Seagrave Marauder 141" Stainless Steel Cab
* Cummins X12 500 HP
* 25 Inch Cab Access Compartments
* 18 Inch Bumper With Intake and Discharge
* Whelen LED Warning Light Package
* Hale QMAX 1250 GPM Pump
* Stainless Steel Pump Plumbing
* 500 Gallon Water Tank
* Rear Intake
* 121" Stainless Steel Body
* 175.5 Inch Wheelbase
* Overall Length 29.8'
For additional information on this apparatus and other Seagrave products contact your local representative or call 715-823-1975.
SO 78K99
Dealer: Chesapeake Fire Apparatus
Salesman: Tim Massey